Top 25 Gifts for Uber Drivers in 2022

Getting the gifts for uber drivers should be easy. Your Uber driver friend makes great efforts to carry passengers safely. Give them something that will make their life happier and more fulfilling. These five unique presents for Uber drivers are certain to brighten their day and increase their tipping potential. Who knows, they may give you a ride in their chariot for free. Uber drivers must be given warm presents. We created a list based on their requirements. Due to the scarcity of Uber drivers, you should cherish your recipients. If you are frequently tardy, a four-wheeler can be your chosen mode of transportation. When you required transportation, you phoned a cab. Therefore, it is needless to emphasize the necessity of Uber drivers.

On any chosen occasion, provide them with a meaningful gift. It will offer them happiness and inspire them to give the best in their career. Here are some ideas that are worth mentioning.

Top Gifts for Uber Drivers



Dash Cam

Top Dash Cam - Gifts for Uber Drivers

This little Wi-Fi camera has a wide-angle lens, motion detection, and recording capabilities. It is attached to the dashboard to encourage customers to be courteous or to record car thefts or damages. A built-in microphone records conversations, while night vision catches driving at night.

A dash cam is one of the most meaningful presents you can give to a rideshare driver, despite being more expensive than most of the other items on our list. If you provide them with an audio device, they will be better equipped to handle situations in which passengers are at fault yet attempt to blame the driver. If there is an accident, it will help their case. Obtaining one without audio might aid them in defending themselves in cases in which passengers are at fault but are attempting to place responsibility on the driver. Similar to supplemental insurance in many aspects.

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Car Vacuum

Best Car Vacuum - Gifts for Uber Drivers

Uber vehicles that are unclean do not garner great comments. This handheld vehicle vacuum is ideal for cleaning wet and dry spills, allowing them to maintain a high grade. Crust, ash, and other debris are cleaned from the device to maintain its functionality. Due to the ergonomic design and attachments, unreachable locations may be reached

During the workweek, demand for ridesharing vehicles may be strong. It is everyone may probably disarray. Using this cigarette lighter-powered vacuum, you can effortlessly remove dirt and crumbs. These portable vacuums are suitable for cleaning seats and floor mats.

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Vehicle Garbage Bag

Top Vehicle Garbage Bag

This garbage bag will prevent coffee cups and gum wrappers from entering your friend’s vehicle. Due to the adjustable straps, attachment to automobile headrests is straightforward. Even after a full cup of coffee has been consumed, leak-proof materials keep the automobile clean. The thermal bag functions as a portable cooler.

Provide a trash bin for ridesharing passengers to dispose of waste. Leak-proof cans prevent leakage even when a partially consumed beverage is inserted.

Some vehicle trash cans include outside compartments for holding sanitizing wipes. The driver may fasten the can to a seat or console. Possibly not the finest gift for them!

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Electric Massager

Best Electric Massager - Gifts for Uber Drivers

If so, do you always ride one bike in front of the other? Are you concerned about setting aside time for your recipient? Attach this electric seat massager to ensure a relaxing trip. Driving may induce neck and back pain, but your partner will often dismiss it out of admiration for their profession. Why not bring the massage to the individual if they cannot go to the spa on busy days?

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Uber Light

Top Uber Light - Gifts for Uber Drivers

Now, your Uber driver friend may demonstrate their commitment to the profession by notifying potential riders when a trip is available. They may value this gift even if they quit using Uber because of sentimentality.

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Air Force Blaster Hose

Best Air Force Blaster Hose

Give your Uber driver a unique present to make him or her feel appreciated. This hose is of high quality and simple to operate. The bracket and hose hanging makes storage simple. This makes washing a vehicle simple.

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Insulated Lunch Bag

Top Insulated Lunch Bag

This heated, extra-large lunch box is great for uber drivers who are often on the move. It holds food, milk, and water, among other stuff. The huge size lets you transport all of your essential items.

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Phone Car Charging Kit

Best Phone Car Charging Kit

Every Uber driver will need this. A mobile device charging kit consisting of a type-C charging cable, a dashboard mount, and vent mounts. It is distinguished by its long-lasting durability and magnetic wireless setup.

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12V Jump Battery Booster

Top 12V Jump Battery Booster

The voltage of the portable auto jump starter is 12V, and its current capacity is 800A. The battery has a capacity of 12800 mAh and a standby duration of one year; it can charge any lead-acid battery.

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Rechargeable Walkie-Talkie Set

Best Rechargeable Walkie-Talkie Set

A set of four rechargeable walkie-talkies makes long-distance communication easier. Consequently, it is recognized as one of the most thoughtful presents that can be presented to Uber drivers.

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Driving Partition

Top Driving Partition - Gifts for Uber Drivers

Buying a driver partition for a buddy who drives a rideshare vehicle might be the most effective approach to safeguard their health and wellness while driving. We know, all the covid stuff is present. No one knows what will happen. Giving this to your driving buddies will keep them safe.

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Fun and Cheap Masks

Best Fun and Cheap Masks

On our list of the best masks for drivers, reusable cotton masks were chosen as one of the top options for Uber and Lyft drivers. These masks earned high grades for affordability, brevity, and resilience. In addition, wearing vibrant colors over the holidays may assist to enliven the area. Although we sincerely hope that we won’t have to include masks on any occasion gifts for uber drivers list, drivers must wear them immediately.

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Air Purifier

Top Air Purifier - Gifts for Uber Drivers

The purchasing of a vehicle’s air filter is another innovation inspired by the use of COVID. Currently, this is an absolute need, especially if you or a loved one will be driving.

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Phone Mount

Best Phone Mount - Gifts for Uber Drivers

Obtaining a phone mount is another method for avoiding hand use while driving. The majority of them may be connected directly to a car’s dashboard or windshield in a relatively simple manner. They are excellent, and this bundle provides two more mounting possibilities.

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Weather Mats

Top Weather Mats - Gifts for Uber Drivers

Frequent heavy snowfall happens in particular regions. Automobile floor mats may become dirty when driving on snow or ice.

With these mats, the floor of their vehicle will be covered, and rainy-day cleanup will be a snap. It keeps the car cleaner for longer than carpet-style mats or dealer-supplied mats and makes it easy to clean up after passengers.

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Gas Gift Cards

Best Gas Gift Cards

Gift cards to Speedway and Shell are excellent presents for Uber and Lyft drivers. Without a gas-free car, ridesharing and delivery driving might rapidly exhaust your fuel supply. Assisting drivers, several liters of petrol may be delivered for as low as $10.

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Insulated Water Bottle

Top Insulated Water Bottle

Driving in the heat necessitates drivers to stay hydrated. Instead of purchasing them a drink or meal, give them an insulated water bottle. The water in the insulated bottle remains cold for a long time with minimal temperature loss.

Ultimately, it costs less than purchasing bottled water.

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Seat Covers

Best Seat Covers - Gifts for Uber Drivers

Seat coverings are another excellent present for Uber drivers because they protect the inside. Drivers who are always accompanied by passengers endure greater wear and tear. 

Seat coverings make it easier for ridesharing drivers to clean their seats. If a passenger spills coffee on their seat, the seat is covered and the seat cover may be wiped clean, allowing the automobile to continue driving without major cleaning.

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Snack and Drink Organizer

Top Snack and Drink Organizer

A beverage and food organizer might benefit both drivers and passengers. They may be attached to a seat and contain refreshments for extended travels. Consequently, tourists’ ratings and gratuities may increase.

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Aux Cables / Multi-USB Power Plugs

Best Aux Cables / Multi-USB Power Plugs

This is vital for every driver. Occasionally, travelers may like to listen to music or charge their phones. It is a great Uber and Lyft gift, particularly for novice drivers.

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Basic Car Cleaning Supplies

Top Basic Car Cleaning Supplies

This is required for all Uber and Lyft drivers. A package including cleaning tools may be handed to the drivers to make the event more entertaining. Safety rubber gloves, disinfectant wipes, and leather/upholstery cleaning equipment. This is an unending gift. Just those who can afford it.

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Taxi Driver Travel Mug

Best Taxi Driver Travel Mug

It’s a terrific idea to offer this mug to drivers who regularly need to quench their thirst on the job. It has a capacity of 14 ounces and is meant to fit in a vehicle’s cup holder. It reads, “Who earns living driving customers away?”. “ A Taxi Driver”. Funny, but true, isn’t it?

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Taxi Driver Notepad

Top Taxi Driver Notepad

Gifting a notebook has several functions. “World’s Okayest Taxi Driver” reads in small letters. 120 pages, 6 x 9-inch size, good print quality Cover is matte-laminated for durability. Using it as a journal, notebook, calendar, and notepad is a no-brainer.

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Taxi Driver T-Shirt

Best Taxi Driver T-Shirt

Shirts are wonderful presents. Men’s and women’s versions are available in a variety of sizes and hues. They wear a T-shirt with the inscription of nutrition facts. It is funny. 

It is simple to clean because it can be machine-washed and tumble-dried.

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Memory Foam Car Cushion

Top Memory Foam Car Cushion

Long automobile trips might cause back pain. As a result, taxi drivers may benefit from using our orthopedic memory foam seats. It fits on any chair, even car seats, and can alleviate back or coccyx pain while improving posture. It is machine-washable and comes in two color options.

 Which gifts for uber drivers do you prefer to give?

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