Awesome Necromunda Gifts You Must Have

Gifting a Necromunda player, this is a place to be. Anyone who loves to play Necromunda would be happy to get any of these presents. It is a good time for any necromunda player, with many new releases of this great board game, many new sets and many new beautiful models. And in these vast expansions and upgrades what to buy for someone who is into the Warhammer Necromunda universe? So we have picked a nice list of Best Necromunda gifts 2022 , that are for sure a great pick for beginner or expert Necromunda players. Even a non Necromunda player would find these boxes interesting, and maybe you should start playing this great game.

Necromunda gifts 2022



Necromunda Hive War Board Game Box Set

Hive wars Necromunda

A perfect starter box for people who want to start playing Necromunda – it comes with two complete gangs (Escher and Delaque), all the dice, tokens, game cards and markers you need, and some cool Zone Mortalis terrain. You also get a paperback rulebook and 2 copies of a Quick Reference guide to make playing with a friend even easier!

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Necromunda: Zone Mortalis Gang Stronghold

Zone mortalis

This set will allow you to build a cool stronghold for your Necromunda gang of choice! It is compatible with other Zone Mortalis terrain kits, can be adjusted to your preference, and also comes with detailed rules on how to use some unique features of the stronghold. 

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Necromunda: Cawdor Gang

Cawdor gang

Whether you want to start playing Necromunda with some Cawdor gangers, or want to do some awesome kit bashing, this box is the right fit for you! There are 12 heads and LOTS of weapons to choose from! (Cards for the Cawdor gang are not included in this box) 

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Necromunda: House of Iron

Necromunda House of Iron

A must-have for House Orlock players, full of background stories and lore! Inside you’ll find gang lists, additional rules, weapon charts and tactics you need to win as Orlock Gang. Note that this is an expansion book, so you will also need a copy of the Necromunda Rulebook.

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Necromunda Rulebook (Hardback)

Necromunda Rulebook

With streamlined rules and simplified stats, and also full of extra content, this hardcover rulebook is essential to dive into the new Necromunda! If you bought the starter box set, you got the basic rulebook, but this one has so much extra stuff! Best Necromunda gifts 2022 is certainly a rulebook without which you cannot play

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Necromunda: Palanite Enforcer Patrol

Necromunda Palanite Enforcer Patrol

This box will allow you to build 10 guys who are ready to bring order to the Underhive! There are a lot of extra bits, which allows you to make each Enforcer unique. You also get a transfer sheet, but the cards are not included in this box.

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Van Saar Gang Necromunda

Van Saar gang

These are the unique and stylish gangers of House Van Saar! They have the most expensive and most beautiful weapons, which can be clearly seen from this box: you have so many options to choose from in assembly, no two gangs will be alike! Are they Best Necromunda Gang, we don’t know, but they look good on table.

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Necromunda Goliath Gang

Goliath Gang

If you like buff dudes and gals, this is the gang for you. They are tough and they are rough and cool. You get lots of plate armor and short-range and long-range options in this box.

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Necromunda: Delaque Nacht-Ghul, PSY-Gheists and Piscean Speaker

Necromunda Delaque Nacht-Ghul, PSY-Gheists and Piscean Speaker

A great way to expand your Delaque gang for serious Necromunda lovers!  These seven fighters come with some very special weapons, and also allow you to use some shadowy tactics.

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Necromunda Van Saar Archeoteks & Sky-Cutters

Necromunda Van Saar Archeoteks & Sky-Cutters

This is a 6-fighter expansion for the Van Saar gang. They look pretty awesome, and they also have some of the best weapons in the game! Can take some time to put these bad boys together, cause they are much smaller than a Space Marine, but they are definitely worth the effort.  Every of these Best Necromunda gifts 2022 on this list are great pick for anyone. Feel free to enjoy purchasing these great Necromunda gifts.

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