The Best Gifts for Crossword Lovers

Crossword puzzles take a lot of time and effort, which is why only the best people can finish them. It’s time to show how grateful you are for your loved ones’ daily brain workouts! Any of these gifts mi can show your loved ones how much you care. Gifts for crossword lovers: We’ve put together a list of them.

You can get a gift for crossword puzzle fans of any level or age at our store. We can also help you with the Sunday newspaper crossword. We also have crossword solvers and pencils that you can use to help you with those hard crossword problems. We make unique crossword puzzle gifts for Christmas and birthdays, like clothes, mugs, and even bedding and bathroom items. No matter what occasions, we hope this list of gifts for word search lovers could inspire you. 

Gifts for Crossword Lover





The Million Word Crossword Dictionary, 2nd Edition

The Million Word Crossword Dictionary


Donate it to a friend to help them learn more words! The crossword problems you’ve defeated them at may be able to assist them. The major purpose of this book, however, is to help those who play word games like scrabble or scrabble enhance their vocabulary. Word gifts for crossword puzzle lovers may be entertaining if you and your buddies are on the same page (pun intended).

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The New York Times Daily Crossword Page-A-Day Calendar for 2022

The New York Times Daily Crossword - The Best Gifts for Crossword Lovers


That’s what you’d think, wouldn’t you? It’s simple to keep your mind and emotions awake if you do a daily puzzle. Give your acquaintance a year’s worth of difficult tasks to tackle to make them feel comfortable. It has a large number of New York Times crossword puzzles that may be completed at any time. Someone who enjoys crossword puzzles might like a calendar that shows the puzzles for each day.

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The Curious History of the Crossword: 100 Puzzles from Then and Now

The Curious History of the Crossword 100 Puzzles

This book contains crossword problems from both the present and the history, which you may read about. You’ll need to employ words and phrases that were most likely used a century ago to do this! The first crossword puzzle was published in 1913. Every day after that, you’ll be required to improve your crossword-solving abilities so you can grow better at them. This present would be ideal for anybody who appreciates learning about the history of their favorite brands.

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Scrabble Luxury Edition Board Game

Scrabble Luxury Edition - Best Gifts for Crossword Lovers

This scrabble board is a must-have for crossword puzzle enthusiasts. This is, in my opinion, the finest version of Scrabble ever. Dinner parties and family gatherings will be more enjoyable as a result of this product. It looks wonderful as the focal point of the living area because of its many little elements. Expensive board game: You and your pals may play this game together and put your scrabble and crossword abilities to the test! Those who get it will be overjoyed. If your recipient likes word games, they will appreciate gifts for crossword fans.

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Crossword Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzle

This is what some of my bright pals desire. The answers to the jigsaw puzzle pieces are provided in the crossword portion of this problem. After finishing this mind-boggling feat, it’s difficult not to feel terrific. It might be entertaining to have a friendly competition to see who can do this assignment first.

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Knowledge Encyclopedia

Encyclopedia of knowledgde - Gifts for Crossword Lovers

Because he’s had a difficult experience, your acquaintance might not want to look through the index. They are appreciative for this. A long-standing problem is only solved when the solution is discovered at some point down the road. You may purchase this book for a friend in order to help him or her learn more.

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New York Times Electronic Crossword Puzzle

New York Times Electronic Crossword Puzzle

There may be crossword puzzles of various degrees of difficulty and subjects included with this gift. There is no end to what you can accomplish with crossword puzzles, so don’t stop. It becomes increasingly challenging, but you have control over how and how much you learn. In order to go through this, you’ll need to utilize a lot of words. There might be a way to think about an instructional and entertaining gizmo.

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Easy Large Print Crossword Puzzle Book

Crossword Puzzle Book

People who are new to crossword puzzles and those who want to keep their minds busy may appreciate this 123-page puzzle book. This book discusses a wide range of topics, including vegetables, animals, birds, and space. Coloring this puzzle book might also help your recipient relax.

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Crossword Puzzle Books for Kids

If your special ones are kids, this gifts for crossword lovers can be a great option. 

A crossword puzzle book for youngsters to keep them occupied while also improving their spelling, language abilities, and word use. In this large 123-page puzzle book, there are problems covering anything from sea animals to prehistoric species to food. This is an excellent method to get youngsters interested in crossword puzzles.

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Novelty Crossword Notebook

Crossword Notebook

If you’re looking for a unique and enjoyable way to present a crossword puzzle gift, this is a great option. This 100-page notepad has ruled paper so you may jot down ideas and make lists. Crossword puzzles are more essential than education, according to the front cover of this notebook, which is written in white characters with six red stars on a grey backdrop.

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Grandma’s Book of Puzzles

Book of Puzzles for grandma

This is the present to offer if you want to provide something thoughtful as well as touching. Crossword puzzles and other forms of puzzles, such as word searches, are included in this book for those who purchase it. Each puzzle is made up of 320 pieces. All of them may be seen on the cover of this book.

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The Ultimate Book of Football Crosswords

Book of Football Crosswords

It’s for the aspiring football player in your life! A collection of 63 football-themed crossword puzzles. The participants in this book range in age from 13 to 18. There are several inspiring football quotations in this book. On the bus to school or football practice, you may read this 15 cm broad by 23 cm long book.

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Smart Crosswords for Smart Kids

Smart Crosswords for Kids

This is another children’s crossword puzzle book. This one is appropriate for children aged 8 to 12. This book is both entertaining and thought-provoking. Students will profit from these crossword puzzles since they will be able to recall and learn more information. Sssh! They won’t be able to get the answers on their own if you tell them.

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Bradford’s Crossword Solver’s Dictionary

Bradford’s Crossword Dictionary


A useful present or equipment for someone who enjoys doing crossword puzzles. This will assist students in solving the difficult ones, which have hundreds of thousands of potential solutions. A crossword puzzle specialist has created a comprehensive book on how to solve cryptic puzzles. This book will be a huge hit with the person you give it to if they enjoy problem solving.

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The Times Big Book of Cryptic Crosswords Book 1

The Times Book of Cryptic Crosswords

Even the most seasoned crossword solver will struggle with this book’s 200 abstract and esoteric crosswords, which take up 436 pages. People dislike this New York Times book because it is difficult to grasp and is not for the faint of heart. A little puzzle book measuring 20cm x 12.7cm.

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Crossword Shower Curtain Set

Crossword Shower Curtain


Shower curtain, toilet seat cover, and mat for when your youngster gets out of the shower or bathtub. Simple black-and-white crossword puzzles are displayed. All of the things are washable and may be used whenever you wish!

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Erasable Gel Pen

Erasable Pen - Top Gifts for Crossword Lovers


A high-quality pen would be ideal for a friend or family member who enjoys crossword puzzles. What’s more, it comes with an eraser and a gel pen. If you enjoy crossword puzzles, this is the finest thing you can obtain. This 14-cm-long pen with silver lettering on a black backdrop and silver letters emits black ink. This is a pen that can be used to fix errors as well as create beautiful handwriting, also one of the best gifts for crossword fans

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